Gold can be purchased through the in-game Shop, and is available in 55, 115, 240, 625, and 1300 increments. Here is what you need to do:
  • Tap the Shop button, scroll down to Gold purchases.
  • Choose what Gold package you'd like to purchase.
  • Complete the purchase flow prompts (will vary subject to device/platform).
After you've completed the Gold purchase, you should receive a notification stating that your Gold has been added! Your Gold totals will show at the top of your Investment screen, as well as within the header of the Shop screen.

If you are playing on mobile, you will need to have an active iTunes or Google Play (depending on device type) account set up with your device. This will automatically charge whatever billing option you have set up with your account.

If you are playing on Steam, you need to ensure your Steam Overlay is set to "On", otherwise your Gold purchase requests will not interact with the Steam Store. Also, you cannot purchase Gold if you are playing offline through a desktop launcher.

If you do not receive a Gold purchase, please contact player support. Just open the game menu and tap "Help & Social", then "Customer Support" to reach out to our support team!