A few Capitalists have noticed their resolutions for the Steam game is not displaying properly.

Why has this happened? Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to be completely fixable on our end. While we are continuing to investigate, this appears to be a side effect of updating to a new version of Unity.

How can this be fixed? Capitalists experiencing this issue are encouraged to try these steps:
1) Right-click on "AdVenture Capitalist" in the Steam Library.
2) Go to Properties > Local Files > Browse Local File.
3) Select the .exe of the game (with the AdCap icon) and go to Properties.
4) Go to "Compatibility" and check off the "Disable fullscreen optimizations" box and the "Run this program in compatibility mode for (your current OS)". Apply the changes.
If your resolution continues to experience issues, please email our support team with the following:  
  • Output Log (to find this go to C:\Users\(yourpcloginnamehere)\AppData\LocalLow\Hyper Hippo Productions Ltd_\AdCap! ).
  • Your current PlayFab ID (tap on "Connect" in the menu > screenshot this page, or write the PlayFab ID down from the bottom left corner).
Thank you for your patience and understanding with this!