Fellow Capitalists,  

We love our Steam community, which has some of our most dedicated and passionate players. Developing for Steam has been an awesome experience for our team, but it’s time to focus on what we do best: mobile! 

Don't worry: our Steam game will not be going away! Steam will be going into maintenance mode. We will continue to service weekly Live Events and support our players, but we won’t be releasing any new features to this platform. We know you might have some questions about this so we’ve prepared some of our most frequently asked questions.


Why? I live for AdCap on Steam!

Steam and mobile are two very different platforms and two very different builds. The removal of landscape from our mobile version and the new direction we want to start taking the gameplay makes developing new features for Steam much more difficult. For this reason, Steam updates have been paused for now.

The Steam game you know and love is staying put and will continue to get weekly Events. However, if you want to take part in the new features that are coming to AdCap, we would encourage you to hop on over to the mobile version.

Will this be reconsidered in the future?

We never say never! As we continue to learn and grow while developing on mobile, we hope to return to Steam with updates in the future, although we don’t have a concrete plan for this just yet. Again, we encourage you to continue enjoying the Steam content currently available, or come join us on mobile.

Why can’t you just update it alongside the mobile version?

This is a stretch for our studio, as building for both Steam and mobile require different teams of devs and testers. Our choice to move solely portrait mode on mobile makes developing future features extremely difficult on Steam, so we’ve decided to focus our attention on mobile for now.

I found a bug on Steam! Will it be fixed?

If you experience any bugs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. Click on the big “Contact Us” button on the top right of your screen, or email us at adventurecapitalist@hyperhippo.ca


We appreciate all of your support and understanding! We hope you’ll continue to play and enjoy the Steam version, but we'd love to have you join us on mobile for all the latest and greatest new features. 

- Your Friends at Hyper Hippo Games