It's come to our attention that there's an ad circulating that's causing lingering sound effects in our game. Some have described the noise to be a splat, hitting, or punching sound. This sound glitch is actually affecting multiple iOS players across various games, not just our own!

For this reason, we do not have a fix, but if you can narrow down which ad is causing the issue, please let our support team know!

In the meantime, here are a few things that may help reduce the frequency you see this ad or hear this sound:

• Power your device off for 30-60 seconds

• On iOS 14 or above: you can disable Personalized Ads on your iOS device by going to Settings > Privacy > Apple Advertising and tapping to turn off Personalized Ads

• On iOS under 14: you can opt out of interest based ads following these steps: Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising -> Reset Advertising Identifier