If you completed one of the offers for Free Gold and never received the Gold, there's no need to panic. To start, there are three different statuses for your Offer:
  • "Completed" – you have followed the offer guidelines perfectly and the Gold has been awarded.
  • "Pending" – the Offer is completed, but ironSource mobile (the third-party company that runs the Offerwall) needs to verify the requirements before marking as "Complete".
  • "Installed" – the Offer is ongoing. This may also be marked as "In Progress" or "Started".
  • "Denied" – you have not met the Offer requirements and will not be eligible for the Gold. This may also be marked as "Rejected".
To help prevent your offer from being Rejected, please keep the following in mind:
  • If you've completed the same offer or a similar one by a provider, you will not be eligible for the rewards. Please make sure to read the requirements carefully as many offers are for 'First Time Downloads' or 'New Players'.
  • Make sure you download the app through the Offerwall; leaving the game and going to the app store won't count!
  • Make sure you level up the right structure when relevant (usually something like your HQ or Stronghold – not your character level).
  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection prior to completing an Offer.
Now, if your offer is showing "Completed" and you have yet to see the Gold appear in your game, please write to us with the following info:
  • Your offer history showing completed/ pending offers (tap Free Gold > scroll down > tap on Missing Gold?).
  • Your completed objectives in the offered app (i.e. screenshot showing you have reached lvl 10 in Final Fantasy Citadel).
  • Your PlayFab ID (Tap on the Menu (three lines at bottom) > tap "Help & Social').