First, make sure you meet the guidelines for transferring devices. Learn more HERE.

If you confirm that your device is updated and that you are moving to the same device type, proceed with these steps:

1. Check that your current game is synced. Open the Menu (three white lines) ---> Click on "Career" ---> Click on “Statistics” ---> Make sure your game is green and says  “Connected"
2. Once you're synced, install AdVenture Capitalist on your new device!
3. Return to Step 1 on the new device, making sure you log into the same Google Play or Game Center account as you did on the first device.
4. Voila!

Hot tip! Event progress does not sync. If you are in the middle of an event, we recommend waiting until that event has ended to make the switch.

If you have any troubles with these steps, our support team is standing by to help!