What is the issue?
Some players are reporting empty leaderboards with a score of '0'. This appears to be a connection issue.

Who is affected?
Connection issues aren't picky! It can happen to anyone!

Is there a known workaround?
First, go over the following troubleshooting:

• Force close and reopen your app.
• Reboot your device.
• If you're on data, switch over to Wi-Fi. If you're already using Wi-Fi, try reseting the modem or using a different connection.
• If you're on Android, clear the app's cache (not data!).

After trying these steps, complete and collect one more goal. If that does not help, please get in touch with our support team directly!

When will it be fixed?
We will help resolve these connection issues on a case by case basis.

May 25th 2022 update!
If you are encountering this issue after a leaderboard outage or receiving an error message when trying to connect to your leaderboard, please reach out to the team and we can fix the issue for you.