With the launch of version 7.6.0 the team was able to implement cloud save. Hurray! We're sure many of you inquisitive Capitalists have some questions… 
Cloud save in 2019…nice.  Why did it take so long to implement?  
Previously, there was a large risk of data loss across our entire player base, a risk we were just NOT willing to take.   However, we’ve made some sizeable changes in the game allowing us to make this transition safely and without any data loss. So, voila. Cloud save!  
How do I connect to Google Play or Game Center?
Have no fear! Linking is here!  It’s easy-peasy to link your account at any time: 
  • Tap on your Avatar (top left hand corner) ---> “Statistics” ---> “Link”
  • From here log into your Google Play or Game Center account
  • Voila! 
My data didn't save properly! What now?
Cloud save functionality is only available from version 7.6 forward and is not retroactive. If your game was uninstalled before this point, you won’t be able to retrieve save data before the update. If your game wasn't synced, not all hope is lost! Reach out to our support team and we'll help you out.
Does cloud save work between iOS and Android?
Save data is only transferable from iPhone to iPhone or Android to Android. It's kind of like playing a game on PS4 and trying to transfer save data to an XBox ONE – doesn’t quite work. That said, please contact our support team and we’ll see what we can do :)   
Can I play this game on multiple devices?
AdCap save data is not designed to be played across multiple devices.  As a fellow investor, we advise you to play on a single device to keep those profits flowing! Trust us, multiple devices gets messy. Keep all your money in one place!   
Most of my progress transferred over except for my Event, what’s the deal? 
For our first iteration of cloud save, Event progress will not back up or restore if you transfer over to a new device, or if you delete and reinstall the app. Be sure to finish up the event on your current device or be prepared to start over! 
Where did my Event history go? 
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to transfer your previous Event scores this time around, but not to worry, Capitalist. Any new Events that you participate in will save moving forward.
If you have any other questions or come across issues, please let us know!

- The AdVenture Capitalist Team