If you are having Gold purchasing issues within Steam, here are a few things to try:
  • Ensure that the Steam Overlay is set to "On"; this is required to make a Gold purchase within AdVenture Capitalist. If it is "On" try toggling Off/On again to see if that helps.
  • Make sure you are playing online, logged into your Steam Account – you cannot purchase Gold unless you are logged into your Steam account.
  • Don't spam click the Gold option you'd like to purchase – click once and wait for the Steam Store prompt to appear. If you click the Gold purchase button multiple times in a row, it might cancel out to request to the Steam Store.
If you made a successful Gold purchase on your Steam Account, but it didn't show within your game, please email us at "adventurecapitalist@hyperhippo.ca" with the following for purchase verification:

1. PlayFab ID (Tap on the Menu (three lines at bottom) > tap "Connect"').
2. Screen shots of your Steam purchase history, as well as your current AdCap "Shop" page, outlining your current Gold and Multiplier amounts.