MegaBucks boost profits in a MegaWay!

MegaBucks are a handy currency that can be won through Events or by completing unlocks. Here are the ways you can use them to boost your game:

Unlock Mars
Mars will set you back 100 MegaBucks so make sure you set some aside to continue your AdVenture!

Purchase Mini Item Vaults
Mobile-only: Mini Item Vaults are found in the Shop. Tap on the Shop, then tap on the Vaults icon at the top of the page. For 200 MegaBucks, you can collect Time Warps, Angel Claims, Suits and Badges.

Purchase MegaTickets
MegaTickets can be applied to each one of your investments for a permanent boost of x7.77. You can use MegaBucks OR Gold to buy these hot ticket items! To find MegaTickets, tap on the Menu (three little lines) > AdVentures > Tickets.

Pro Tip: Don't buy more MegaTickets than you need. You won't be able to exchange them.

Upgrade Platinum Boost
Once all of your investments are gilded (boosted with MegaTickets), you can increase the permament boost from x7.77 all the way to Platinum x7777.77. Tap on your MegaBucks icon at the top of the page to level up your boost!

MegaBucks adding up? Not sure what to use them on? We recommend spending them on mini item vaults, which contain awesome badges, suit pieces, and even time warps. If you have any suggestions for future MegaBuck uses, make sure to contact our support team – we love hearing your ideas for future updates!

Learn more about spending your MegaBucks here.